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UniPect® - Dietetic complementary feed for calves, for the stabilization of the water and electrolyte balance

UniPect is an agglomerated mixture of dietetic fibres, electrolytes and dextrose which secure the natural balance in the intestine in case of risk of digestive disturbances, or during periods of diarrhoea and, in many cases renders the use of antibiotics superfluous

The content of electrolytes in UniPect is adjusted to the natural content of electrolytes and lactose in the milk. This has the effect that continuation of the milk feeding is allowed – also in case of diarrhoea. In this way, the weight loss of the animal caused by the diarrhoea will be reduced.

However, in case of severe diarrhoea, UniPect can be given at the rate of a double dosis, reconstituted in water, at the first two administrations. The following days, it is given at normal dosis, reconstituted in milk/milk replacer. UniPect can also be used preventively.

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